In My Dreams

Every day when I wake up I catch myself looking forward to when I can go back to sleep for the night. I count down the hours until bedtime and sometimes I even go to sleep early. The life in my dreams is my dream life. I seem so happy in every dream. There’s adventure and romance and there are times when I can’t even remember what I dreamt about but I wake up happy. Well I’m happy until I become fully awake and begin getting ready for the day. Our dreams are what our souls want. My soul seems to be starving for romance within an adventure. Today I will try to not focus on when I can go back to sleep but I know around 4pm I will tell myself I have 6 hours of hell left before I start a new adventure. It sounds silly when I read over that last sentence but it’s true. My dreams are so vivid that I’m can’t process being awake for the first few minutes because I’m trying to separate reality from fantasy. I’ve even cried when I woke up because the dream was so great. Or maybe it was because I have to wake up to a not so great reality. 


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