Unbearable Stress

I’m one of those people that hold everything in. The stress, the hate, the anger, everything. Until something happens that just makes everything I’ve been holding in come out. And nine times out of ten I cry which looks ridiculous when I’m yelling at someone. Different situations have different reactions. One time at work my boss just kept screaming at me for things that were out of my control and I had a severe anxiety attack. I couldn’t function anymore. I was hyperventilating and crying. I couldn’t control what was happening to me. And of course he knocked on the bathroom door and made it worse by threatening my job if I didn’t quit acting the way I was and go back to doing my job. For those of you who have panic attacks you know that it just can’t be stopped. I have to calm myself down and sometimes that can take half an hour to fourty-five minutes. And today I’m just done being unappreciated. I tired of the stress and persistently being reminded that I’m a failure. I know these things. I don’t need to be reminded daily. It’s just so difficult to describe how I’m feeling at the moment. I’m uncomfortable, angry, depressed, stressed, and on the verge of tears. I know a break is going to happen and when it does I get called crazy. Maybe I am. I get told I’m making things up and that I’m over-exaggerating. I see things for what they are and some people just can’t handle being called out. 
My mood needs this song: The Soft Moon- Black


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